goldIn addition to what you now have with Iron, the Gold membership gives you access to triweekly webinars with a WidgetWatch Mentor and much more…

During these meetings three times a week you and those in your small group will learn about the weekly Focus Fire theme, get homework help, and make friends with others in your small webinar group. To build on what your Mentor teaches you about the learning theme, you will also have access to exclusive video content that will give you a deeper look at these topics. You, your mentor, and the 8–10 other Widgetarians in your group will become great friends!

Gold members also have access to Widgetaria, the private Minecraft server of Fidgets2Widgets. This protected server was made for and by Widgetarians. It provides a safe place to play without the possibility or running into strangers. Though you might not personally know everyone on the server, we do. Widgetaria is vast and has many environments and treasures to discover.

As a Gold member, you would also enjoy free enrollment in our Fibbity exercise incentive program.  If you have a Fitbit or other wearable technology that tracks your movement, you can earn WidgetCoins to use in a special store (coming soon!).  Keep track of your WidgetCoins with your Mentor to earn cool prizes!

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